There’s Hope For Us Yet
Discover How To Bridge The Wealth Gap, Create GENERATIONAL Wealth
And Build A Long Lasting Legacy Through The Power Of Wholesaling Real Estate!

Sick And Tired Of The Big Dogs At
The Top Keeping You Down?

It’s Time For Millennials To Rise Up!

New statistics come out every week telling us how much more difficult it is for us to earn a decent living than our parents…

House prices are going up… Wages stay low…

Opportunities seem to evade us…

A life spent living paycheck to paycheck is a life without PURPOSE.

A life without a game plan is a life without PROSPECTS.

So what hope is there when 1% of the world’s population controls almost HALF of the world’s wealth?

What hope is there when the big man in the suit seems determined to keep you where you are?

What hope is there for you to create a financial legacy?

You Feel As Though You Have No Chance Of Escaping Your Current Circumstances…

You’ve had it hammered into your head that the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor.

The secrets you need to secure financial freedom and live the life you’ve dreamed of? It seems like they’re locked up along with the wealth itself…

So you’ve accepted that you’re never going to have the quality time with your family you crave.

You’ve accepted you’ll have to work until you’re 68 and watch your parents do the same. You’ve accepted that you won’t leave behind generational wealth for your children.

Don’t give up just yet. There is hope.

I know that better than most…

In 2019,
I Beat Cancer AND Went On To Officially Became
 A Real Estate Millionaire…

When I first got my results back to say that I was cancer-free?

I realized at that moment that no matter how low things seemed, there was ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel.

From there, I got straight back on the horse and invested my time and energy back into real estate.

My efforts finally paid off.
I’d been trying to learn the ways of real estate since I was 21…


I had almost NO SAVINGS.

Everybody told me that I was crazy and should give it all up.

Those voices grew even louder when I was originally diagnosed with cancer… But I knew that in order to create the legacy I wanted, I had to stick to it. No matter the obstacles.

And that’s exactly why I’m known as The Millennial Hope Dealer… Now, I want to pass on hope to you.

I Learned How To Bridge The Gap From Streets To Success WITHOUT Taking Any Shortcuts

It’s Time For Millennials To Rise Up!

Sure, I had a pretty unspectacular upbringing.

But I knew even from an early age that my past did not define my future, and even though it would be tough?

I was going to live the life that my parents never did.

Now it’s your turn to learn how to become a real estate millionaire.
No hacks. No tricks. No special effects.

A millionaire in the true sense of the word.

Because the thing is:

Most people mistakenly believe that being a millionaire just means you have a million dollars in the bank. But there’s so much more to it than that…

You want to find true financial freedom and independence. You want to be part of a community of people who can make a difference. You want to ensure that your family can live the rest of the lives in comfort and security.

As a father of 2 beautiful girls, that last one is especially important to me.

So if you’re ready to achieve all that, and more?

Your time is now.

Introducing My Game-Changing Program

The Creating Cash In Real Estate Course

Create Residual Income And Increase Cash Flow By Harnessing
 The Power Of My Real Estate Cash Creating Strategies!

Learn How To Build A Legacy In Your Lifetime By:

  • Discovering How To Wholesale Like A Pro Even If You Have ZERO Experience In Real Estate
  • ​Finding Out How You Can Effortlessly Secure Funding For Any And All Projects
  • ​Learning Lucrative Ways To Duplicate 5-Figure Checks Every Single Month
  • ​Learning How To Leverage Your Position As A Businessman To Make A Difference In Your Community
  • ​Uncovering My Personal Secrets To Planning A Secure Financial Future For You And Your Family

This course is a culmination of almost 10 years of experience

It’s the course I wish I could present to my 21-year-old self so I never had to figure everything out for myself. It’s the course that the big dogs don’t want you to have… Whether you have prior experience or not? Whether you’re looking to
 take your first or next step into the world of real estate? Allow me to help you get started with wholesaling.
 I’m offering you the helping hand that you need to help you grow…

What’s Included In The Creating Cash In Real Estate Course?

Access To A Complete Wholesale Mastery Program, Broken Down Into Easy-To-Follow Modules

  • Lead Generation
  • Systemizing And Scaling
  • Deal Closing
  • ​AND MORE!


  • Access To An Exclusive Library Of Real Estate Training Videos
  • Access To The Exclusive Creating Cash In Real Estate Private Community
  • Extra Essential Reading Material

Creating Cash In Real Estate For Millennials Ebook

 My Biggest Bonus Ever…

Creating Cash In Real Estate Wholesale Toolbox

Containing Countless Documents And Templates To Save You Hours Of Time Stuck At A Desk, Including:
  • Master Contracts
  • Guidebooks
  • Intake Forms
  • ​Postcards
  • Telephone Scripts

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You That You’re
 Not Worthy Of A Legacy

Nothing is impossible.

I came from nothing. Odds stacked against me. And somehow I came out swinging.

Your parents or siblings might not be homeowners, business owners, or world changers… But that doesn’t mean you can’t be.

There has to be a ‘first-generation’ in every family somewhere along the line. It’s time to stand up and be counted.


  • Lifetime Access To The Creating Cash In Real Estate Academy
  • Creating Cash In Real Estate Toolbox
  • Creating Cash In Real Estate eBook
  • ​2 Group Coaching Sessions Per Week for 1 year with Issac Grace
  • ​Access To The Creating Cash In Real Estate Private Community
  • ​Creating Cash In Real Estate Hard Copy Book
  • ​Creating Cash In Real Estate Course
Total Value: $4997

Discounted Price: $2997


Hope Of A Better Life Is Spreading

Hear From Those Who’ve Already Kick started Their Wholesaling Careers Thanks To My Course

Don’t Miss Your Chance Of Securing A Long-Lasting Legacy That Starts NOW…

Hesitation is the thief of taking action.

Allow curiosity and courage to flow through you.

Seize the opportunity so many others let pass them by…

It was essential for me to be the first in my family to build generational wealth and set an example of a legacy builder…

And because I took action?

My daughters are destined for a life infinitely more fulfilling than the one I experienced growing up.

That’s the power of generational wealth.

That’s why a legacy matters.

Start building yours today.
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